Daily archives: May 26, 2016

MOSQUITO > Rays Sting Lizzies 8-5

DOWN 5-4, THE DEVILISH RAYS RALLY FOR FOUR RUNS IN THE THIRD INNING AND TURN BACK THE GO GO LIZZIES FOR THE VICTORY AT BICKFORD PARK Under a cheese soufflé layer of warm and humid skies, the Rays defeated the Lizzies 8-5 in 3 ½ electrifying innings of Mosquito Division action this […]

MOSQUITO > Red Sox Cage Jays 6-1

IN A TIGHT AFFAIR, THE SOX PULL AWAY FROM THE JAYS IN THE FOURTH INNING TO EARN THE OPENING DAY WIN AT CHRISTIE PITS Game Post edited with a file from Richard Park and Michael Goldsmith Beneath the incandescent lights illuminating the diamond on a warm and humid night, the Red Sox prevailed […]

MOSQUITO > Angels Top White Sox 9-6

WEARING THEIR RED SHOES, THE HALOS SEW UP THE SOX TO EARN THE OPENING DAY VICTORY AT TRINITY-BELLWOODS PARK Game Post edited with a file from Michael Goldsmith and Tim Burke Under a ceiling of hot and muggy skies, the Angels defeated the White Sox 9-6 in 3 ½ innings of Mosquito […]

MOSQUITO > Twins Sink Mariners 4-2

IN A TOOTH AND NAIL BATTLE, THE TWINKIES PREVAIL OVER THE M’s FOR THE OPENING DAY VICTORY AT CHRISTIE PITS Game Post edited with files from Carolyn Cahen and Don Christie Under a thick as molasses ceiling of hot and humid skies, the Twins prevailed 4-2 over the Mariners in a tight […]