SELECT > TP Minor Peewees Top TP Major Peewees 6-2

THE MINORS STYMIE THE MAJORS AT CHRISTIE PITS TO EARN THEIR FOURTH EBA SELECT VICTORY OF THE SEASON Beneath a genteel ceiling of serene skies, the Toronto Playgrounds Minor Peewee Selects defeated the Toronto Playgrounds Major Peewee Selects 6-2 in six innings of Etobicoke Baseball Association (EBA) Select action this […]

MOSQUITO > Mariners Top Royals 10-2

THE GRITTY M’s OVERTHROW THE PESKY ROYALS AT MCCORMICK PARK Beneath a blanket of cool and overcast skies, the Mariners prevailed 10-2 over the Royals in four innings of Tuesday Mosquito Division action this evening at McCormick Park. Here is a Royals recap of the proceedings courtesy of Payam Pakravan: The Royals got off to […]

PEEWEE > Cubs Top Mets 11-8

THE CUBBIES PREVAIL OVER THE METROPOLITANS IN A LONG AFFAIR AT CHRISTIE PITS Beneath a layer of cloudy skies, the Cubs defeated the Mets 11-8 in three innings of Peewee Division action this evening at Christie Pits Diamond 2. Here is a brief recap of the proceedings courtesy of Kevin […]