Daily archives: August 30, 2012

MOSQUITO > Pirates Sink Lizzies 9-6

THE GNARLY BUCCANEERS CAPTURE THE GOLD DOUBLOONS OF VICTORY ON THE WATERS OF BICKFORD PARK BAY Sailing amidst the calm waters of Bickford Park Bay this evening, the swashbuckling Pirates seized control of the mizzenmast and duly dispatched of the Go Go Lizzies in 9-6 fashion in 3 ½ innings of intense Mosquito […]

MOSQUITO > Giants Prevail 7-5 Over Dodgers

GIANTS BUILD EARLY LEAD AND DIFFUSE A LATE DODGERS RALLY FOR THE WIN AT CHRISTIE PITS DIAMOND 2 Amidst the gentle breeze of the summer wind this evening, the Giants prevailed 7-5 over the Dodgers in 4 innings of Mosquito Division play at Christie Pits Diamond 2. The Giants used an elixir of solid pitching and opportune […]

MOSQUITO > Cubs Claw Cardinals 16-4

FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS, THE CUBBIES GROUND THE CARDS AT CHRISTIE PITS DIAMOND 3 Game Report composed with files from Matt Byrnes and Garry Bulloch Beneath warm summer skies this evening, the Cubs defeated the Cardinals 16-4 in four innings of Mosquito Division action at Christie Pits Diamond 3. In the final […]