Daily archives: August 21, 2014

MOSQUITO > Lizzies Edge Mets 8-7

BY THEIR CHINNY CHIN CHIN, THE GO GO LIZZIES FEND OFF A TENACIOUS METROPOLITANS RALLY IN THE FINAL INNING TO HANG ON FOR THE THRILLING RAZOR THIN VICTORY AT BICKFORD PARK Beneath a blanket of sunny and humid summer skies, the Lizzies edged the Mets 8-7 in three nail biting innings […]

MOSQUITO > Pirates Swab Reds 12-11

THE BUCCANEERS GIVE NO QUARTER AGAINST THE BIG RED MACHINE AS THEY SEIZE THE GOLD DOUBLOONS OF SWEET VICTORY AT CHRISTIE PITS Under the incandescent lights of a warm and humid summer night, the Pirates edged the Reds 12-11 in 3 ½ innings of Mosquito Division “Bug Ball” action this evening on […]

MOSQUITO > Cardinals & Cubs Tie 8-8

IN A TIGHT AFFAIR, THE CARDS AND CUBBIES BATTLED TO A SWEET DRAW AT CHRISTIE PITS Game Post composed by Aaron Law. A close game was played between the Cardinals and the Cubs on Thursday evening at Christie Pits Diamond 3. Though there was some debate about the final score after four […]