Daily archives: September 14, 2015

PEEWEE > Mets Top Giants 6-4

THE GRITTY METROPOLITANS PREVAIL OVER THE MIGHTY GIANTS IN GRAND FASHION TO ADVANCE TO A SEMI-FINAL SHOWDOWN AGAINST THE EXPOS Beneath a layer of cool and tranquil skies, the Mets defeated the Giants 6-4 in 4 ½ innings of Peewee Division elimination round action tonight at Christie Pits Diamond 2 to advance […]

MOSQUITO > Angels Edge Mariners 10-9

DOWN 9-7, THE HALOS RALLY IN THE BOTTOM OF THE FIFTH TO USURP THE M’s IN A WILD ‘SEPTEMBER MADNESS’ QUARTER-FINAL ELIMINATION PLAYOFF GAME AT CHRISTIE PITS Beneath a ceiling of cool and serene late summer skies, the Angels prevailed 10-9 in a wild five inning Mosquito Division Quarter-final elimination game this evening at Christie […]

PEEWEE > Pirates Keel Haul Rockies 13-6

TAKING NO PRISONERS, THE GNARLY BUCCANEERS SWASHBUCKLE THE GRITTY ROCKIES TO EARN A SEMI-FINAL BERTH AGAINST THE LIZZIES Under a canopy of sunny and tranquil skies, the Pirates defeated the Rockies 13-6 in five innings of Peewee Division elimination round action this evening at Christie Pits Diamond 2 to advance to the semi-final […]

DAY 7 > Shine On You Crazy ‘September Madness’!

THREE MORE GAMES ARE ON DECK TODAY AT CHRISTIE PITS AS WE VEER INTO THE PLAYOFF ELIMINATION PORTION OF THE 2015 TP HOUSE LEAGUE BASEBALL TOURNAMENT Despite the challenges posed by the weather, ‘September Madness’ continued to roll on with the completion of another four games on Sunday. We fouled off the best […]